Bubble Wands Kit

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Asia Luna Bubble Wands Kit. The old-fashioned kind. Comes with hand-made bubble wands and Paul’s exclusive bubble mix solution!

Paul’s Big Bubbles Tips!

  1. Hold the tips of the bubble wand together, so the cloth hangs straight down.
  2. Dip the cloth into your Bubble Mix.
  3. Hold the wand’s tips together and lift high in air.
  4. With your back towards the breeze, spread the tips of the bubble wand.
  5. As the breeze blows the bubble out, bring the tips of the wand back together.
  6. Let the breeze carry the bubble away!

3 reviews for Bubble Wands Kit

  1. This Mom’s Beach Bucket List

    Lawns of the Berkshires [COLUMN] – Berkshire Family Focus —Things to do in Berkshire County MA with kids. All manner of catch. Bubble parties (this humid weather is perfect bubble weather. Go to Asia Luna for a big bubble maker handmade in the Berkshires) You learn to mow on your own

  2. nicole friedrich

    Hi Maria and Paul,
    We all love your bubble kit so much. This makes the perfect gift for any
    child of any age. It is so easy to use and soooooo much fun. Thanks for your wonderful product. Many Many thanks to you both. Nicole

  3. Devi n Post

    Awesome kit! Easy to use and fun to entertain kids with! I Totally recommend this Kit! Worth every penny!

  4. Jan Katz

    Bought the bubble kit at the Copake Hillsdale Farmers.Market and have already had so much fun with it. Easy to use and makes extremely large bubbles with a beautiful sheen. Very well designed for easy use and cleanup. No wasted mix.

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