Cleopatra Soap Bar




Honey and goat milk, an ancient soothing remedy used by Cleopatra offers a silky smooth feel to the skin.

Wonderful for dry sensitive skin, this soap has been helpful to people with eczema.

The luxurious and enriching formula with the voluptuous and exotic scent from the beautiful yellow flowers of the Ylang-ylang tree (a tree valued for its perfume) is alluring and euphoric.

It harmonizes nicely with the tropical and spicy essential oil derived from ho wood and geranium flowers.

It seems that quite a few folks are finding this page by searching on a similarly named product that was produced by Colgate-Palmolive in the early 60’s. It may have been a product tie-in with the Elizabeth Taylor film Cleopatra from around that same period.

Our Cleopatra soap has no connection with that product. It’s more than likely the original Cleopatra would have used a product similar to ours!

(weight: approx 5 oz.)


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