Lavender Mist Spray

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A wonderful fragrance for everyone that is universally used for calming and healing!
Shake well before using and enjoy the effects of the natural, non-toxic aroma. Use to spray a room or your body or even linen!
Ingredients: filtered spring water, vegetable emulsifier and lavender essential oil. (weight: 4 fl. oz.)

2 reviews for Lavender Mist Spray

  1. Asia Luna

    As I am relaxing here today at a lavender farm in Killingworth, CT, I just want to share a little story about your lavender spray:
    In late June 2016, our senior yellow lab mix Goldie had to be put down because of cancer. It was very sudden and we did not have much time to prepare for the burial. We decided to bury her ourselves but my husband could not dig a grave all by himself that afternoon. So we kept her body which was wrapped up in a nice kimono and blanket in our family van with the hatch open and in the shade. Given the heat, I knew I needed to do something to keep the bugs away. So every half an hour I went outside with my bottle of Asia Luna’s lavender spray and apply a generous layer. No bugs bothered her and we had a burial the next day. I love that my memory of Goldie includes the beautiful scent of lavender : )

  2. Asia Luna

    Hello Maria and Paul! We just want to say thank you for your
    wonderful products. It’s stock up time for us again! You are our
    favorite US soap makers. We finally got back to the UK for a while in
    April, and returned with lots of lovely soap, but now we’re home and
    it’s time to order from you again. Note: we used your Lavender Mist
    spritz to great effect while staying in a 400-year-old house in York,
    North Yorkshire. There were moths, and we worried about our woolens.
    The Lavender Mist worked beautifully to deter the moths and our
    clothing smelled great, as did we! Best wishes, Rosanne and David

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