Its a candle and a massage oil!

And it’s soothing and fun relief!

massage-candle-2Our favorite new product, this lovely aromatic candle doubles as a soothing massage oil that is both sensual and practical. Made from soy wax and pure essential oils, it not only gives off a beautiful glowing light but is fragrant and silky on your body.

Use it on your feet, your hands, or for an all-over romantic massage. It’s a great gift for yourself or a friend! How to use: Light the candle. When it melts down a bit, carefully blow it out. Apply melted oil to your body and let the massage begin.

Soy wax is warm, not hot. Ingredients: African shea butter, soy wax, coconut and palm oils, jojoba oil, apricot kernel, avocado and safflower oils, and, as always, our pure essential oils.

Available scents are Cleopatra, Lavender, Oberon, Venus. Be sure to select your favorite scent when adding to your cart!

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