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DSCN2401We live in a small town in upstate New York and make all our Asia Luna products in our home. Our four children – Leah, Anders, Naomi, and Tessa – always helped out when they were younger. Now they’re doing their own thing but still support us when they can. We still find time working the local farmer’s markets, talking with the local co-op reps., supplying Asia Luna products to popular local shops and Berkshire spas, and fulfilling mail order requests when we aren’t working our regular jobs.

About Our Products

Our soaps are formulated to provide your skin with an optimal moisturizing effect. An olive oil base is a natural humectant and gives the soap a rich and creamy lather with an abundance of small thick bubbles. Just the right amount of coconut oil lets you enjoy luscious large bubbles and the palm oil creates a long lasting bar. This perfect balance of simple ingredients, when combined with essential oils, is a healthy and satisfying choice.

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  1. hi and LOVE the product i bought from you this past saturday at great barrington festival. do you remember i bought all 5 you had and wanted to buy more. please email me as i would like to order more for xmas. thank you! Randy

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