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Bar Soaps

Our soaps are formulated to provide your skin with an optimal moisturizing effect.An olive oil base is a natural humectant and gives the soap a rich and creamy lather with an abundance of small thick bubbles.

Just the right amount of coconut oil lets you enjoy luscious large bubbles and the palm oil creates a long lasting bar.
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Mist Sprays

Our mist sprays give a very light refreshing scent to any room or to your body. Shake well before using and enjoy the effects of the natural, non-toxic aroma!Ingredients: filtered spring water, vegetable emulsifier and essential oils. Check individual sprays for particular essential oils used.
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Asia Luna’s candles are clean, long-burning, mildly fragrant candles. Made of 100%, all-natural soy wax, combined with the same essentials oils used in all our Asia Luna products.
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Butters, Lip Balms and Scrubs

Butters, Lip Balms and Scrubs
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Liquid Soap and Dog Shampoo

Liquid Soap and Dog Shampoo< [jigoshop_category slug="liquid-soap,pet-shampoo" per_page="8" columns="7" pagination="yes"]

And much more

Bubbles, bug spray …
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  1. When will salt scrub be back in stock? Do any of the stores have any?

  2. Any chance you have or could make oberon diffuser oil? We love the scent and find the candle too faint for the space.

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