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Asia Luna Body Butter

Body Butter

Freshly made body butters! A wonderful way to nourish and protect your skin against the coming winter wind. Our alternative to a liquid lotion with all the moisturizing … Buy Now

Asia Luna Cleopatra Soap Bar

Cleopatra Soap Bar

Honey and goat milk, an ancient soothing remedy used by Cleopatra offers a silky smooth feel to the skin. Wonderful for dry sensitive skin, this soap has been helpful to people … Buy Now

Asia Luna Lavender Mist Spray

Lavender Fragrance Mist Spray

A wonderful fragrance for everyone! Shake well before using and enjoy the effects of the natural, non-toxic aroma. Use to spray a room or your body or even linen! Ingredients: … Buy Now

Asia Luna Sugar Scrub

Large Sugar Scrub

Our turbinado sugar scrubs come in Italian glass jars holding 500 ml of scrub and are available in any of our existing soap scents. Scrubs will come unscented unless otherwise … Buy Now


Spa Candle

Candle & Massage Oil How to use: Light candle. When the candle melts down a bit, carefully blow it out. Apply melted oil to body and let the massage begin. Soy wax is warm, not … Buy Now


Gazebo Repellent Spray

Ingredients: filtered spring water, vegetable emulsifier, and essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, white thyme , basil & tea tree. A very effective insect … Buy Now