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Body Butter

Freshly made body butters! A wonderful way to nourish and protect your skin against the coming winter wind. Our alternative to a liquid lotion with all the moisturizing … Buy Now


Calypso Soap Bar

Our newest soap! Calypso evokes  a gentle Caribbean breeze  with the alluring scents of orange, ginger and patchouli.  The healing properties of comfrey root imparts a soothing … Buy Now

Asia Luna Lavender Mist Spray

Lavender Mist Spray

A wonderful fragrance for everyone! Shake well before using and enjoy the effects of the natural, non-toxic aroma. Use to spray a room or your body or even linen! Ingredients: … Buy Now


Tapio Mist Spray

Shake well before spraying and enjoy the smell of evergreen trees. Ingredients: filtered spring water, vegetable emulsifier and essential oils of fir, pine, cypress and cedar … Buy Now


Small Soy Candle

These fabulous candles are 100% all natural soy wax combined with the same essentials oils used in our soaps and scrubs.  Each soy candle is hand poured and has a pure cotton … Buy Now


Asia Luna Spa Candle

It's a candle... it's a lotion ...it's aromatherapy... and more You get the ambiance of a warm candle but when melted, use the  oil to massage into your skin. The liquid is … Buy Now